HIAB Crane Control Tips

HIAB Crane Control Tips

HIAB cranes offer a degree of control that other truck loading crane manufacturer’s struggle to match. They offer best-in-class controls featuring remote functionality that allow you to work on site or from a distance while providing an unobstructed view of your work site. Whatever your preferences, HIAB cranes are quick, smooth, and precise with advanced software and intuitive controls.

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Manual, Hybrid & Automated Control Systems

In the past, crane operators had to manage complex loading and unloading with the help of booms, slewing, and vertical movements, but HIAB has revolutionised the industry by eliminating the need to handle all those manoeuvres manually. The HiPro system manages a simpler set of controls, requiring you to manage the tip of the crane instead of each of its functions individually. Loads can be moved with the help of software that enhances your precision. All you need to do is keep your eye on the crane itself. This can be manipulated with the help of three basic levers that handle horizontal, vertical, and folding motions. The computer will choose the ideal path between points, so all you need to focus on is the load itself. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Taking CTC To A New Level

The CTC system handles the boom and coordinates its motion, leaving you to try more advanced lifting techniques. HIAB’s system was developed to offer the perfect vertical path without the help of a winch, but every operator is different, so users can switch between normal and CTC mode if desired.

Newer models offer semi-automatic folding, which lets you handle this manoeuvre with one control. Contemporary HIAB cranes let you use both features simultaneously, so you can focus on moving the tip along its vertical path without the help of the hoist. If you want to deactivate the software, simply press the hand controller button. A general HIAB cargo crane offers an identical sequence of levers at either side of the truck, so you can choose your position according to your safety needs.

Experienced crane operators can manage boom movements smoothly and precisely, but this takes plenty of practice. The CTC system’s levers are intuitive, creating a straight line at a 45 degree angle. CTC lets you slew quickly and switch between two forms of motion. The sequence of movements required to achieve your goal will be calculated for you. To achieve a 45 degree line inward or outward, you’ll need to use two levers. If you prefer to use the remote control unit, you can comfortably fit it to a belt or onto the control platform bracket. The VSL function drivers will automatically maintain stability, while your choice of boom lets you manage tough, narrow spaces.

Best Of Both Worlds

HIAB’s CTC system allows beginners to perform complex tasks more safely, cutting down on onboarding costs and time while improving results. It also leaves plenty of room for old-school traditionalists who are attached to manual control.

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