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HIAB Crane Tip Control (CTC) & What It Means For You

Posted by ALAN BROWN on Nov 28, 2018 10:17:00 AM

HIAB Crane Tip Control (CTC) & What It Means For You

HIAB are constantly innovating to improve the value-add that owners can extract from their equipment. Crane tip control takes the science of control sensitivity to a whole new level without removing any existing functionality from the operator.

What Is New & Different About CTC?

Smooth and sensitive boom movement is the hallmark of an experienced crane operator. It takes time and a lot of practice to develop the precision needed to coordinate the simultaneous operation of up to 3 control levers so as to generate certain movement characteristics, such as lifting a load smoothly and quickly through a straight line at a 45 degree angle.

CTC puts this capability in the hands of even novice operators, dramatically improving productivity and safety.

Rather than operators having to control several functions such as slewing, 1st boom, 2nd boom, plus any extension, now they need focus only on controlling the crane tip using just three controls: slewing, horizontal motion and vertical motion. As the name suggests, CTC gives the user improved control of the tip of the crane. Operators need only aim to move the load to a desired point and CTC automatically calculates the best sequence of movements to arrive there.

CTC can be switched on or off using a button on the controls so that manual control reverts to the operator for operations that do not warrant CTC guidance.

3 Movements Under Guided Automation

Being able to move a load in a straight line, either horizontally along the outreach or straight up vertically required genuine skill and experience up until now. What CTC does is enable the operator to use one-level control to achieve just that. The three movements that CTC covers are:

  • Horizontal along the outreach, including extensions
  • Vertical from any outreach angle/distance
  • 45 degree straight line inwards or outwards (requires using 2 levers)

See it in action to fully appreciate the smooth action.

HIAB have produced animations that visually demonstrate what CTC delivers:

How CTC Works

The HiPro control system that was first introduced in 2001 to deliver high speed and precision operator manipulation has been improved and advanced over the years. Crane tip control is the latest innovation to be added to its already impressive functionality. Its development was driven by customer demand.

Users needed the capability of traversing a crane tip and load along a perfect vertical corridor without having to use a winch. Once upon a time that demanded exceptional operator skill but now CTC has made is really simple and achievable for all operators.

It utilises proprietary HIAB technology for controlling crane coordinates and translates lever movements made by the operator into target coordinates that the mechanism then responds to through horizontal and vertical movements of beams and extensions.

CTC Delivers Benefits

Smoother, faster and more accurate handling has benefits that can translate directly to your bottom line:

  • Faster operation means greater productivity / lower costs
  • Shorter operator training cycle to achieve expertise in smooth and fast straight line tip movement
  • You can handle more complex jobs and offer those services

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