Popular HIAB Spare Parts You Might Need!

Popular HIAB Spare Parts You Might Need - NEW

What makes for a popular spare part, you may ask? The answer is that it all depends. Every HIAB range is different with its own unique wear and tear characteristics and the more popular models are naturally responsible for the most demand for spares. We do our utmost to ensure that the range of parts that we stock here at Truck Loaders is adequate to meet the majority of requests that we receive from our customers. If we don’t stock a particular part we can have it sent to us for forwarding to you within 24 hours from your call.

Spare Parts

We tend to group our parts into these most common categories with many more available too.

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel structures
  • Electronic and remote control systems
  • Replacement filters

Wear is inevitable after repeated usage cycles on hydraulic cylinders, the most central components of lifting equipment. Popular parts include seal kits to extend their life as well as other cylinder components. Replacement cylinders are always put through a robust test cycle at HIAB including pressure testing. HIAB steel structures are made from premium quality high tensile steel that gives them their renowned durability and longevity. However, they can break occasionally under load and our parts service ensures you get a replacement ASAP.

Electronic components and sub systems don’t undergo a great deal of wear and tear but it can be more convenient and time-saving to replace an assembly rather than try to diagnose a specific faulty part within it. Remote control systems are constantly being improved and refined. Some HIAB models offer upgrades of the remote control system and those always offer worthwhile operational benefits.

You want to keep your hydraulics clean and free from particles that would cause wear and shorten the lifespan. Regular filter replacement is a vital part of a sensible maintenance schedule. Using HIAB filters means you are guaranteed the perfect fit and fluid flow.

Wear Parts

Consumables and parts that expect considerable wear and tear fall into these main categories with many other parts also available:

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Slide pads
  • Service and overhaul kits
  • Upgrade and decal kits
  • Maintenance kits

Hydraulic hoses are one of the more exposed components on some equipment models, which means that they can be exposed to more operational abrasion, wear and tear than other parts. Also, contaminated fluid in the hydraulic system has been known to damage the hoses.

As slide pads reduce the friction between sliding frames, replacing these as they show signs of wear is nothing more than a common sense precaution to prolong the life of the equipment. In addition, we supply a whole range of hits including service / overhaul / upgrade / decal kits. The rationale for getting service or maintenance kits is that they contain everything you need to carry out a piece of work like a scheduled service.

The HIAB Experts

One of the great benefits of getting your spare parts from Truck Loaders is that we speak your language. Because we service the full HIAB range, we will know exactly what part you need when you call us to discuss a requirement. Or we can help to confirm that you are ordering the correct part. That means you get the right part first time.

To check for a part, call Truck Loaders today on 0330 999 0003, or email us at parts@truckloaders.co.uk.

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