New ISO 9001 Accreditation!


After an extensive auditing process and plenty of hard work from the whole team, we are delighted to announce that Truck Loaders Ltd is now ISO 9001 accredited! ISO 9001 is perhaps the best known of the International Standard Organisation (ISO) ISO 9000 series. The accreditation assesses quality management systems, production standards and safety guidelines across a wide range of industries, with specific standards applied to different sectors.

The ISO system establishes internationally recognised quality benchmarks that facilitate trade and trust between businesses in different countries and jurisdictions. ISO 9001 standards are recognised in 170 countries by over 1 million accredited businesses!

The standards and systems to which we have been accredited are the ISO 9001:2015 standards, including the specific admin systems assessment for hydraulic lifting engineers. ISO 9001 accreditation is an ongoing process that has to be renewed annually, so the badge of accreditation remains an accurate reflection of the service and quality standards offered by a business. We were first accredited to the previous ISO 9001:2008 standards in 2013, this year being the first time we’ve been assessed under the new criteria.

What This Means For Our Customers

There are many distinct advantages of working with an ISO 9001 accredited company, all tied up with the peace of mind of knowing that the business applies proven quality management and customer service procedures. These are some of the main ones:

  • Value for money: ISO 9001 encourages businesses to actively seek out strategies for continuous improvement of their business processes. For engineering businesses this involves looking at ways to boost efficiency, eliminate waste and deliver extra value for customers. This efficiency ethic is frequently reflected in greater cost effectiveness offered by ISO 9001 businesses.
  • Service & product quality: ISO 9001 establishes an internationally recognised framework for quality management, aiming for standardisation and mutual recognition between businesses. This means that the products and services you receive from an ISO 9001 company will be inspected to a high standard and are guaranteed to perform as expected.
  • Reliability: An ISO 9001 accredited quality control procedure means fewer product failures, greater reliability, fewer repairs and better ROI from each product.
  • Delivery: As part of its business process audit, a business applying for ISO 9001 accreditation has to demonstrate how its supply chain strategy can guarantee on time delivery for its customers. This includes failsafe processes to overcome unforeseen delays, cost control and efficiency processes, a well thought out strategy etc.

Find Out More

At Truck Loaders, the ISO 9001 working philosophy has been part of our ethos for many years. We are always looking at ways to improve the way we work, to rationalise business processes and save our customers money. Many businesses report improved customer satisfaction when working with ISO 9001 accredited firms, and we hope you’ll agree when working with truck loaders. To find out more about our products and services, please browse our website, or give us a call on 0330 999 0003.

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