What To Do In The Event Of A HIAB Crane Fault

NEW What To Do In The Event Of A HIAB Crane Fault

Always be on the alert for early warning signs that something isn't quite right. As the operator, you will have achieved great familiarity with the sound, look and feel of your HIAB as you use it. Frequently, a fault may just be a sense that something is not quite right.

Faults can announce their presence in several ways such as:

  • Flashing lights on the control panel or an error code
  • Running hotter than usual or hydraulic fluid running hot
  • A strange smell especially burning or acrid odours
  • Noise levels get louder
  • Grinding or clanking sounds
  • A change in pace or mobility, such as slowing down or stopping
  • Sudden vibrations or juddering

If you suspect a fault, take the following action…

Switch Off The HIAB Immediately!

At this point, you may have no idea of the nature of the problem. It may present a risk to the public or to yourself, or cause even more damage by continuing to operate the crane. Switching it off immediately avoids accidents.

Check For An Error Code

Before calling a HIAB service centre for assistance, you can take a closer look to see if you can identify the fault. Follow these steps, which are provided in greater detail and with accompanying photographs in our free guide – see the bottom of this article for the download link.

  1. At the base of the crane you will find the ‘space’ box, which has a control panel on it.
  2. Using a 5mm allen key, unscrew the bolts at the 4 corners and carefully remove the front panel.
  3. The button at bottom left switches on the power. Do that and the lights will come on.
  4. The small digital display at top left will show an error code flashing across it.
  5. The digit before the full stop shows the count of faults. For example '3.001' means 3 faults have been identified.
  6. The error codes come after the full stop. For example, 2. 001 034 shows 2 errors, numbers 1 and 34.
  7. Replace the cover and the 4 bolts.
  8. Call Truck Loaders service department on 0330 999 0003 or any approved HIAB service centre.
  9. Our engineer will want to know the error codes and also what lights are lit on the control panel.
  10. Sometimes we also ask for photos using your mobile phone to ensure we have all the information we need.
  11. He or she may talk you through a fix, or may organise for an engineer to come to you or to your premises depending on the severity of the fault.

What You Can Do Now

We have written a short but very useful guide with photos that describes the above steps in more detail. It’s always a good step to print it off and keep it in the cab.

You can download the guide How To Find & Diagnose HIAB Crane Faults and quickly read through it to familiarise yourself with the steps. It may also be helpful to locate the ‘space’ box mentioned above. Remember to always proceed with extreme caution when a fault materialises. Think safety first and minimise any potential hazard caused by your vehicle or the HIAB before attempting to diagnose the fault.


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